NEW Golden Irish Puppies! Available Nov. 18th “Click Here” For Info

Golden Irish Puppies / AKC Black Lab Puppies

Golden Irish Puppies

They’re going fast, get yours reserved today! 
Golden Irish Puppies

3 Week & 2 Day Old Golden Irish Puppies!

They are beautiful! 

We are excited to announce the arrival of Bella‘s first litter of puppies!
Bella was bred with an AKC registered golden retriever named Kramer. Bella is our AKC registered Irish Setter.

We have 11 adorable little Golden Irish puppies!

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Adoption fee is $1,800 

Keep scrolling down for pics. and info on our AKC Black Lab Puppies! 

Bella and Her Golden Irish Puppies

Golden Irish Puppies
Kramer, Daddy Golden Retriever 👇🏼

Golden Retriever Dad

Golden Retriever Kramer (Dad)

This is Kramer,  ☝🏼 AKC registered Golden Retriever, also known as Dad of our beautiful Golden Irish puppies.

Golden Irish Puppies

Golden Irish Puppies

Bella with Irish Golden Puppies

Golden Irish Puppies

4 Days Old ☝🏼👇🏼

Golden Irish Puppies

 More of Daddy Kramer 👇🏼

Golden Retriever, Kramer  

Golden Retriever, Kramer 

Golden Retriever, Kramer  

We also have a litter of 9 Black Labs available! These are from AKC registered Lab parents. Both are here on site with us. They are both wonderful dogs! 
Get yours reserved today! 

Dad 👇🏼
AKC Black Lab
AKC Black Lab Puppies
AKC Black Lab Puppies

Hey all you Pet Pals!

  From time to time we will be offering puppies here for adoption. 

  We will have purebred Labrador Retrievers available,  as well as Irish Goldens or Golden Irish. 

  Our family here at Petizon is very excited to hopefully soon be able to offer Golden Irish puppies for adoption. This will be a mix between a purebred Irish Setter and a purebred Golden Retriever. This will provide you the opportunity to adopt one of the most beautiful, loving dogs available!

  Of course, it goes without saying, that one of our purebred Labrador Retriever puppies will simply be one of the best dogs you could ever adopt!    

  So, we are very excited about this! Please make this page a favorite, check back for updates, and if you want more information about getting on the waiting list for one of these wonderful puppies, just Contact Us.