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Choosing, Adopting and Naming Your New Dog, Ebook for Download

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When you are planning to adopt a dog,
there are some very important points to keep in mind to make sure that you are delighted with your new dog. They can mean the difference between regretting your decision, and having a wonderful new friend whom you will enjoy and cherish.

This ebook includes the following chapters

  1. Tips to Avoid Disappointment
  2. Comparing Breeds
  3. Considering a Mixed Breed
  4. Being Reasonable
  5. Networking with Others
  6. Getting the Facts: Researching Your Breed
  7. Getting to Know Your Dog
  8. Preparing Your Home & Family for Your New Dog!
  9. Purchasing Your Dog’s Supplies
  10. Where are the Breeders?
  11. Is Your Dog in Good Condition?
  12. Your Dog is a Long-Term Investment!
  13. Bringing Your New Dog Home!
  14. Enjoying Your New Dog!
  15. 2000+ Dog Names!

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