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 Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Have you been thinking about getting pet insurance?  Maybe you aren’t sure you really need it.  


This article is going to explain how pet insurance works and why it’s a wise investment.  


How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance covers large veterinary bills for accidents and illnesses.  This coverage ensures pets receive the treatment needed.


Although it sounds like human health insurance, it works a little differently by reimbursing pet owners after they have paid the initial price for a veterinary appointment.  


Once that appointment has been paid for, the owner asks for a duplicate receipt.  This receipt gets passed on to the insurance company.  A claim form must also be filled out and sent to the company.


After the receipt and form have been collected by the pet insurance company, the owner is given a check for the reimbursement amount.  


The total reimbursement amount and the length of time this entire process takes all depend on your particular policy.


You should also be aware that there are two different types of pet insurance coverage, as well as an optional plan that can be added.  Let’s go over those now.    

Accident Coverage

This type of coverage takes care of costs associated with treating accidents, like broken bones, bites, torn muscles, and more.

Illness Coverage

Depending on the policy, illness coverage may cover cancer, arthritis, allergies...You must be aware of what your particular policy covers.    

Wellness Coverage

This additional product can help you budget for your pet’s routine veterinary care.  This may include:  


Annual exams
Routine procedures
Routine testing
Teeth cleaning
And more!  


With the cost of vet care continually increasing, it might be a good idea to add this plan to your pet’s insurance policy.  Although not an insurance product, it can be helpful.  


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Benefits of Pet Insurance

Now you have a general idea of how pet insurance works. The next question is, do you really need insurance for pets?


We are going to list the benefits of having insurance on pets so that you can make that decision for yourself.  

Saves Money

Even if you are the most careful and responsible pet owner in the world, you can’t entirely eliminate the risk of having an accident that requires emergency veterinary treatment.


As you’ve probably guessed, those bills can be enormous.  Do you really want to pay thousands of dollars for an emergency procedure?


Of course, you absolutely would if it saves your pet’s life.  But wouldn’t it be great if you could recoup most of the cost?  


That’s what pet insurance is for.  Investing in pet insurance now will save you money later if your pet needs emergency treatment.    

Better Care

You want your beloved pet to receive the best care possible.  However, that doesn’t mean you can always choose the ideal treatment.  Costs can be prohibitive, no matter how much you love your four-legged pal.


But pet insurance can remove that obstacle.  You will have more options to choose from and your pet will receive treatment more quickly.  

Your Choice of Vet

It’s important to work with a veterinarian who makes your pet feel comfortable during appointments and procedures. Plus, you need to know you can trust your vet to do what’s best for your pet.


Fortunately, your choice of a veterinarian isn’t limited by your policy.  You can choose the one you and your pet already know and like.  

No More Worries

While some pet owners simply want to save money, others wouldn’t even be able to pay for emergency veterinary care without the assistance of pet insurance.  If you can’t pay for a treatment that will save your pet’s life, this can be utterly heartbreaking.


But having pet insurance can save the day.  Instead of being forced to make a difficult choice based on financial reasons, your pet insurance company can help you cover the cost of vet bills.  This might save your pet’s life.  


And you won’t have to waste time worrying about the what-ifs.  Instead, you can rest easy, knowing that if your pet gets sick or injured it will be covered.    

Should You Get Insurance for Pets?

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of pet insurance, you might be convinced it’s worth the cost.  


But maybe you still aren’t sure.  After all, there is no guarantee that your pet will ever require emergency operations or get sick.  If an emergency never arises, you would be paying for a policy you don’t use.


That’s true.  But there is also no guarantee that your pet won’t have an emergency.  


Think of pet insurance like any other kind of insurance.  It’s there when you need it, but you hope you never have to use it.  


And it’s not a wasted expense. The cost of insurance buys you peace of mind.  This is incredibly valuable, whether or not your pet ever needs emergency medical care.


If you don’t have pet insurance, you might always be worried about the possibility of your pet requiring expensive treatment.  Whether or not these worries come true, they will steal some of the joys that come with owning a pet.


And if those worries do happen to come true, you might have to make a very difficult decision.  Most pet owners would rather avoid being in that position, making it easy to understand why they would purchase pet insurance.


Of course, it should go without saying that pet insurance doesn’t eliminate the need to provide the best care possible.  Feeding your pet a healthy diet, providing plenty of exercise, and watching out for your pet’s safety are all important aspects of responsible pet care. Taking those responsibilities seriously will greatly reduce the risk of expensive emergencies.


But as we mentioned earlier, there are some accidents and illnesses that are out of our control.  That’s why pet insurance is worth having.      


When you have pet insurance, you can be assured that emergencies will be covered.  This is probably the greatest benefit of insurance for pets.


Start looking at pet insurance today!  The sooner you get insurance on pets, the sooner you can have peace of mind.  


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