5 Favorite Kid~Friendly Doggies

Dogs are great companions to have in your family. Kids of course just love dogs, and most dogs love kids. I know we seemed to always have dogs in my family when i was growing up, and my wife did in her family as well. Now we are carrying on that tradition and have had dogs as part of our family for many years now. Having a dog in the family helps to teach your kids responsibility, and gives them a great playmate to have fun with. Make sure you pick out a family friendly dog that best fits your situation, based on your living arrangement and the ages of your kids.  

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                        1. Labrador Retriever

Labs have remained top of the list for decades. They are very friendly and loving to kids, adults and other pets! They can be very rambunctious so watch out for little ones. Choose your favorite color (black, golden, or chocolate) they are all equally adorable! Love to play fetch with a ball! And most labs love water, so take them for a swim!

2.  Golden Retriever

 Golden Retrievers are a very sweet natured and intelligent breed. They are extremely loyal to their families! They are very gentle and loving! Get ready for lots of petting! Also, they do shed so it’s recommended you brush their coat often.

3.  Pug


If you are looking for a dog that loves to cuddle, you’ve found the right one in a pug! They love to sit next to you on the couch. They also love to eat and tend to become overweight, so be careful not to feed too many scraps!

4.  Irish Setter

Are you looking for a beautiful dog? Look no more! Irish Setters are a gorgeous dog and are extremely loyal and protective of their family. Please provide plenty of room as they need to run. Imagine all the heads you will turn while out for a walk! They do best with a harness.

Brittany Spaniel


Looking for a mid-size dog? Brittany Spaniels are fun-loving and good natured! They love exercise, so kids make great companions for them. They are a hunting dog and can go for hours, so make sure to pack a snack! They have a striking coat that you can wash and go! This breed is considered a low maintenance breed.

There are many other great dog breeds that will make great family pets as well. Some examples of these would be the:

* Bernese Mountain Dog  ( Big but Gentle Giant )

* Cocker Spaniel  ( Compact but Active )

* Boston Terrier  ( Fun Loving Low-Maintenance )

* Poodle  ( Hypoallergenic Coat )

* Collie  ( One of the Smartest Dog Breeds )

Or of course, just your standard Mutt, not an official breed, but they can make great pets as well! :)

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